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Policies and Communication:

We believe in the 'Open door' policy where parents are free to enter and leave the Day Home as they please during working hours and parents are very welcome to follow up on their children’s progress through speaking to the directors either in the morning hours or afternoon whichever may suit either party.
As an environmentally friendly policy, we encourage ‘paperless communication’ when interacting with parents and, always prefer to send out e-mails of all updates and events. Please update your e-mail addresses regularly with the the registration office. If in the case you are not receiving regular updates, please notify us as well. In addition, we are present in almost all social platforms. We request you to ‘like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram in order to get current and up-to-date information.
At Flower Pot Childcare we believe parent-director communication is essential when bringing your little ones to our setting, this is why we have created daily communication folders for every child right up to the foundation stage to ensure your child’s wellbeing is communicated on a regular basis.
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