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The social aspect of our teachings is one of our key focuses. From polite table manners, respect for others and self respect, we reinforce positive socialization in all our programs. In fact, it is integrated into our curricular activities we carry out in our dayhomes.


Our directors also use the 'Treat others as you want to be treated' approach when working with children. Pretty simple, a life philosophy we reinforce during these critical foundation years that will be carried with them forever.


We put forth efforts to make sure that the daily curriculum we use is infused with fine arts in the form of age appropriate music, arts & crafts, dance and, drama.


To keep parents in the loop, a preview of the fine arts songs & activities are also included in monthly newsletters that directors post on the news board in each Day home.


Our specialised curriculum is set in place to esatblish that children of all ages are developing a good foundation. Our specialists have direct experience in the infant school system and, we have spent a great deal of time and effort creating and curating our one of a kind curriculum to ensure children engage in academic learning that is fun and interactive. Teachers love it when children graduate from our programs into their early years of formal education because they come well equipped with the skills to learn early literacy and numeracy.

About our Program

Our programs follow Alberta's standards of Early Childhood Education guide lines and ensure that our daily activities are educational and fun for your children throughout their development.

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