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Q: Is it better to have a single-age program or multi-age?


At Flower Pot we have both age specific and multi-age dayhome programs. Generally, however, we try to keep our dayhomes age specific. Even with the crawlers and toddlers, keeping them with same aged children allows the dayhome director to focus on developmentally specific activities. As children integrate into the care environment, they learn routine and make friends they will enjoy interacting with on a daily basis. Having said this, there are many positive elements to multi-age programs such as diverse learning and socialization opportunities.

Q: What are FP's dayhome hours of operation?


Dayhome hours are 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.


Office hours are 8:00am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. 

Q: What do children do during the day in a Flower Pot dayhome?



Each FP dayhome runs the unique VPCN curriculum which we developed in house with the help of some top notch curriculum development experts in the UK! Our preschool programs are based on the English Infant School system, and our crawler and toddler programs integrate developmentally appropriate activities related to our monthly themes!

Q: How are dayhome directors screened before they are allowed to provide a Flower Pot program?


All FP dayhome directors must have a valid police check, demonstrated track record working with children, as well as hold a first aid qualification. Teaching qualifications are always desirable, but not a pre-requisite. An absolute requirement: Directors MUST love working with children!

Q: How is physical activity and outdoor time integrated?


We have a daily requirement for outdoor play time in each Flower Pot dayhome (weather permitting). As well, we have an experienced staff that advise on ways to integrate developmentally appropriate physical activities into the daily routine!

Q: Does Flower Pot offer drop-in care?


Yes! If you need to drop and shop, have some time to get errands done, or take a mental health day get in touch with our Admin to schedule your drop-in. With one of our dayhomes we likely can find a space for your child in one of our amazing programs. Spaces are allocated on a first come, first serve basis so give us a call as soon as you know when you need care! Quick Tip: Fridays and Mondays are usually pretty good days to get drop in space ;-)

Q: Does Flower Pot offer nutritious food?



Of course! We run rotating menus that have been developed in consultation with nutritionists and parents. All meals are made with whole foods and cooked with loving care and attention. Each director keeps a parent information board ( Tadpoles) so that when parents pick up they can check on what was served at mealtime and other activities.

Q: What is Flower Pots’ policy on television and internet?


We have a NO TELEVISION policy at Flower Pot. Unless pre-authorized by the parents for a special occasion, our directors do not use television at any point in their day. Indeed, our awesome program directors are too busy engaging children in stimulating activities to even think about anything else. In terms of internet, directors are able to use their discretion to use the web for educational research and curriculum support for children old enough to discuss the topic at hand (ie: looking at the solar system during our space topic).



If you have more questions and inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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