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Our Policies

In our journey to becoming a successful Day-Home, we must encourage our care takers, whom are skilled and caring people to closely follow our official policies. We understand that the policies and procedures we have in place are fundamental to ensuring we maintain the highest of standards at all times.


We have a comprehensive set of policies and procedures and these are available in our Day-Homes, for parents to look through. These include information relating to health and safety, equal opportunities, child behavior, parent partnership, staffing, Day-Home operations and child protection.


Policies and procedures are at the heart of all we do, and for that reason they have to be regularly maintained and measured. Our Quality Assurance Program – Reflecting on Quality (Preschool Learning Alliance) ensures that our processes are always kept to the highest standards.


Each month we put a policy of the month on the Parents and Day-Home directors’ Notice Board, which all Parents and Directors are welcome to browse through. We encourage feedback and comments from all parties.


Our policies and procedures are fully reviewed, annually to ensure that we are providing the best possible practice for your little ones.

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