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Flower Pot also caters for the needs of children aged 3-5 years of age. This stage of learning focuses on developing the skills the children will need when they move onto mainstream schools. The following activities were introduced in small doses during the child's infant and toddler stages with us, and advanced during this stage of their time with us.

  • Arts and Crafts using a wide variety of resources such as paint, clay, salt dough and collage


  • Story time with a selection of reading materials including poems, fiction and non-fiction


  • Circle time


  • Messy play


  • Outdoor and soft play


  • Role play


  • Jigsaws


  • Water and sand play


  • Phonics and letter awareness


  • Mathematical games, patterns and counting activities


During their time in Flower Pot, children will also be exposed to letters and sounds, allowing them to become phonetically aware of the sounds made my different letters of the alphabet. Children will also work on letter formation and recognition to prepare them for future challenges such as reading and writing. We also encourage the use of sign language as another form of communication.
Children in Flower Pot are encouraged, not only to work on the knowledge of the world around them, but to also work on their personal and social development, allowing them to become well-rounded, polite and happy children, who are able to cope with impending school life and education.


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