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Referral Program:


This program has been created to reward our representatives who believe in the distinguished services of Flower Pot Childcare. Families and staff that refer new parents will be rewarded based on the dollar value of services the referred family purchases from FPC (as depicted in the table below): 



Weekly Attendance Referral Fee:

  • Five Days $250

  • Four Days $200

  • Three Days $150

  • Two Days $100

  • One Day $50



1) Referral fee will be made after referred family uses FPC’s services for an uninterrupted, continuous six months.

2) The incoming family must be a new customer and have never used the  services of Flower Pot Childcare Inc. (FPC).

3) Only one person/family can act as a referee for the new customer.  Referred family will sign a document certifying the referring family/individual was the referee.

4) The referral fee will only be considered for new families being placed in homes/programs owned and operated by Flower Pot Childcare, Inc.

5) FPC can provide cash/cheque or gift cards as compensation for the fee.

6) Flower Pot Childcare has the right to terminate the program at anytime.

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