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1)  Class size: Preschool class sizes are small to ensure each child gets the personal attention they deserve. A classroom has a maximum of six children. 
2)  Length of Day: Our Day Homes offer a full day preschool option. Full day classes run from 7:30am - 5:30pm so working parents can ensure their child gets the preschool experience they need to help prepare them for kindergarten. A full day offers the full experience and allows the child too become engaged in the activities the director has planned.
3)  Early Learning: All parents know that children love to learn, and excel when challenged. Until now, our team of early learning experts are enhancing our curriculum specifically to prepare students for their first year of formal schooling.
All preschool directors within the network are engaged because of their experience and genuine passion for working with children. This ensures all children within the network are exposed to school material early.
4)  Parent Communication: Because network directors are professionals, they are trained in communicating effectively with parents. We believe that early learning is a partnership, and our teachers are excellent at ensuring parents are informed and involved. You can text and call director of individual day homes and keep up with the daily report on Tadpoles that is updated continuously.
So if you are considering a more focused preschool option for your child, please contact us to find out if a Flower Pot preschool option is right for your child!

What you can expect

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